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OxyCryo™ is a pure oxygen based postcare and beauty facial system.
OxyCryo™ Facial System infuses pure oxygen and essential nutrients to the skin via soothing and contactless spraying.

The treatment instantly aids in the healing process of skin by locking in moisture, reducing the chance of infection and inflammation, promoting collagen formation and speeding up damaged skin regeneration.
OxyCryo™ Facial is suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin after aesthetic procedures.
OxyCryo™ Facial System infuses vitality into tired skin, providing glowing skin texture even after the very first session. Breathe life into your skin!


• Anti-aging – Prevents aging by removing free radicals, which accelerate the aging process.
• Soothing, reduces swelling – Decreases skin temperature and soothes sensitive skin via oxygen scaling.
• Skin firming – Supplies pure oxygen to firm up and tighten skin and therefore minimizing wrinkles and improving circulation.
• Cleans pores, improves rosacea and acne.
• The results of the treatment are immediate, with no downtime.


Step 1 – Cleansing
Step 2 – Oxygen Scaling
Step 3 – Manual technique
Step 4 – Oxygen Infusion (Deep Cellular Regeneration & Wound Healing)
Step 5 – Mask (Oxygen Mask / Clarifying Mask) & HA Gel.
Step 6 –Finishing



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