Lip Enhancement And Reshaping

While we seem to gain volume on the rest of our bodies as we get older, unfortunately, we don’t get fuller more attractive lips as we get older!

Our lips begin to thin between ages 30-40 as the collagen begins to get depleted.

Anggun Aesthetic offers dermal fillers to overcome this problem, and can even rectify asymmetry in the lips.


Pinkish Lips Treatment

Lips with a healthy pink hue will grab anyone’s attention! However, just as in other parts of our skin, the lips may darken as a result of hyperpigmentation.

This can be caused by too much exposure to sunlight, heavy smoking, and even as an allergic reaction to substances like lipstick and toothpaste.

While the condition is harmless and causes no physical discomfort, it can be cause for emotional distress.

While such discoloration may reverse itself especially with less exposure to sunlight, often the condition is permanent.

It is however treatable and Anggun Aesthetic offers a number of solutions depending on the case.

Our treatment options are as below:

Laser toning Q-switch


PRP treatment

Fractional laser


Dimple Creation

Don’t you envy your friend with the cute dimples?

The eyes are just drawn to beautiful dimples when a person smiles, and they are considered a desirable trait in many cultures.

Well envy them no more! You too can have cute dimples when you smile, with a simple procedure at Anggun Aesthetic.

Book our Suturing Treatment to create one!


Lip Reduction and Reshaping

While thin lips are often seen as unattractive, lips can also be deemed to prominent or too thick and full, or even asymmetrical.

Either this occurs naturally, or it may even be caused by a botched lip augmentation, such as complications from collagen filler injections.

There have been cases where non-medically trained beauty centers cause lumpiness, less than natural looking volume, or even inject too far into a blood vessel and cause tissue loss and misshapen results.

In such cases, lip reduction may be the solution to reduce the volume and reshape your lips to a more pleasing form.

In Anggun, we offer Minor Operation to solve this issue.