Face Slimming & V Reshaping

Face V Reshaping

Non-surgical face lifting are non-invasive alternatives to surgical cosmetic procedures, and are effective at targeting issues arising from aging such as sagging skin.

Anggun Aesthetic is also able to contour faces to treat broad faces and chubby cheeks. These procedures are also ideal for women with a sqaurish face shape and seek to soften their face shape into an attractive V shape, hence the name Face V Reshaping.

Below is the treatment that we offers for the V Reshaping :

BTA Vshape injection



Dermal fillers such as Juvéderm® are a popular smooth gel filler that instantly smoothes away wrinkles.

As a FDA approved hyaluronic acid filler, Juvéderm® is very well-tolerated as hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in the body, thus it is less likely to create allergy issues.

It helps smoothen out unwanted wrinkles and restore natural contours by adding volume to the dermal layer and below, returning skin to a state similar to that of youth.

Juvéderm® dermal fillers require 15-20 mins treatment time, not inclusive of consultation time. The results of Juvéderm® dermal filler are instant, and last up to a year.

Typically Juvéderm® dermal filler treatments are performed once a year. Supplemental treatments may be required to maintain the look.

After anesthetizing with a cold pack or anesthetic cream, Juvéderm® treatments involve only minor discomfort.

In rare cases, Juvéderm® dermal filler treatments may involve bruising and swelling, itching and discoloration which will subside within a day. In rare cases it may take up to 7 days to fully recover.

Facial Thread Lifting

A method to tighten your skin by inserting medical-grade thread material into your face and then “pulling” your skin up by tightening the thread.

Facial Thread Lifting treatments may take 45 minutes not including the consultation. Facial Thread Lifting results can be seen immediately and last between 1-3 year. 

Facial Thread Lifting is a minimally invasive procedure, and may involve some pain at the insertion site. 

Facial Thread Lifting may result in bruising and swelling, and in rare cases result in infection and in dimpling of the skin.

Buccal fat removal

A type of minimally invasive fat reduction surgery targeted at the fat accumulation in the cheek area.

The incision is made on the inside of the cheek and removing the fat pads there known as buccal fat.

Buccal fat removal for chubby cheeks usually requires a treatment time of 1 hour. Buccal fat removal usually takes a single treatment and results are permanent.

After anesthetizing with a cold pack or anesthetic cream, buccal fat removal treatments involve only minor discomfort.

Minor swelling may occur from buccal fat removal, which will normally subside after 1 day. There is no visible scarring if the incisions are made intraorally.