Chin Enhancement and Reshaping

The shape and size of the lower jaw or the chin has a huge impact on the shape of a face.

While cultural expectations often dictate that men should have a strong jawline, a weak or small chin is often deemed unattractive in both men and women.

Thus a proportionate and well-defined jaw is desirable for both genders, the difference being only in the final shape and size.

A well-defined jaw makes a huge difference in the perceived attractiveness of a face, despite being a relatively easy problem to treat.

At Anggun Aesthetic, we offer dermal fillers for a long-term solution to the problem.


Chin Reduction and Reshaping

In rare case, chins that have undergone silicon injections may become infected or even displaced.

This can be a result of undergoing treatments by unprofessional or non-medically trained beauty centers. Serious consequences can even include nerve damage.

Depending on the type of silicon used, Anggun Aesthetic can remedy such issues with a minor operation.

Anggun Aesthetic offers Minor Operation as your solutions.


Double Chin Removal

The common condition known as double chin can occur with the accumulation of fat below the chin.

While it is usually associated with weight gain, this is not the only cause of the condition.

Genetics and even the loss of skin elasticity from aging can cause skin to sag more and more over time and result in the double chin.

Many patients now request these procedures as a result of becoming conscious of their double chins on video while having online meetings.

Depending on the cause of the condition as well as the individual patient, Anggun Aesthetic offers a number of solutions to the problem as below :


Radio Frequency




Apart from the chin, being the most lower extremity of the face, the actual jawline extends all the way to the base of the ear, and is equally important in defining the shape of a face.

A weak and less-than-sculpted jawline often detracts from the overall attractiveness of a face.

Thus, improving the jawline does wonders in increasing the perceived attractiveness of a face.

Whether the cause is saggy skin, the accumulation of fat or even a weak bone structure, Anggun Aesthetic offers many solutions to give you the jawline you desire.

We offer the treatment as below for your problem :


Thread lifting

Dermal filler