Our Story

About Our Founder

Dr. Siti Maria Juwaini knew from a very young age that she wanted to be a doctor. She had always been the type of person who wanted to help others, and bringing healing seemed to her to be the noblest profession.

Upon graduating with a degree in Medicine in 2007, Dr. Maria (as she prefers to be called) completed her Housemanship at Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, Alor Setar. She then served as a Government Medical Officer from 2008 until 2012 in:

Hospital Kuala Nerang

Klinik Kesihatan Gua Musang

Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah

Hospital Tunku Zainab II, Kota Bharu

Dr Maria then left government service, and served as a General Practitioner at Poliklinik Dr Azhar & Rakan-rakan in Kelantan from 2012 to 2015.

Finding her calling

We’ve all heard the saying that “Beauty is skin deep”. How true is it?

For a long time, Dr. Maria accepted this as fact. But her daily interactions with her patients made her realize how unsatisfactory this saying was. So many of her patients wanted help with their physical appearance, whether it was help for their skin problems, hair or their bodies.

She realized that the way you perceive your own appearance matters deeply to everyone. It was clear that it affects: 


Your confidence and independence.

Your social interactions.

Your peace of mind.

Ultimately, your quality of life.

She realized that aesthetic treatments played a significant role in the wellbeing of her patients.  It was clear that healing must include aesthetic healing too.

And being a medical professional, she knew that she had a responsibility to ensure that aesthetic treatments were safe. She felt that many of these treatments were best administered by people trained in medicine, to ensure the safety of the patients.

So it was in 2012 while in private practice that Dr. Maria began to practice aesthetic medicine. She found great satisfaction in helping her patients resolve their aesthetic issues, and helping them overcome their insecurities and gain more confidence and zest for life. 

With her newfound passion, Dr. Maria completed a course in Aesthetic Medicine at the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, as well as completed the Medical Aesthetic Certification (MAC) program. 

Anggun Aesthetic Sdn Bhd

In 2015, Dr. Maria and her husband Dr. Zailani were presented with an opportunity to take over a spa in Danau Desa. They invested their life savings into taking over the business. From this one small initial medi-spa, their hard work paid off when they finally managed to open their own Medi-Clinic, KKM certified and complete with an Annual Practicing Certificate (APC).

Within a short timespan and reflecting the great demand for their services, Anggun Aesthetic Sdn Bhd now has 5 branches in the following locations:

Anggun Mediklinik Cyberjaya


Jalan Teknokrat 6, Cyber 5,
63000 Cyberjaya,
Tel: 03-8322 1846 +6012 775 9817

Anggun Luxe Johor Bahru


01-01 & 01-02 Block BPusat Perdagangan Ekoflora, Jalan Ekoflora 7/1, Taman Ekoflora 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor

Tel: 07-3558 971 +6012 652 9817

Anggun Medyskyn Kota bharu


PT 1512 Tingkat Bawah, Jalan KK 6/5 Bandar Baru, Kubang Kerian, 16150 Kota Bharu Kelantan
Tel: 09-7643 698 +012 642 9817

After 10 years of experience practicing aesthetic medicine, Dr. Maria has been awarded the Letter of Credentialing and Privileging Certification (LCP certified) by Malaysia Ministry of Health for the following procedures: 


    Chemical Peel

    Superficial & medium depth.




    Filler injection-excluding silicone and fat


    Botulinum toxin injection


    Lasers for treating skin pigmentations


    Laser for skin rejuvenation

    Including fractional ablative.


    Laser for hair removal

    E.g. : long pulsed Nd: YAG, Diode.



    Skin tightening procedures-radiotherapy, ultrasound, infrared up to upper dermis .


    The husband and wife team were awarded the SME100 Awards Fast Moving Companies in 2019 for fastest growing small medium entrepreneurs. And rightly so, as Dr. Maria says she is in a rush to expand, to provide the opportunity for more of the public to have access to the treatments available at the clinic.


    The way you perceive your own appearance matters deeply to everyone – Dr. Maria

    Our Team