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From the initial consultation phase, we place great emphasis on seeking a good understanding of your needs.

From the initial consultation phase, we place great emphasis on seeking a good understanding of your needs, and your objectives. We’ll support you throughout your journey to looking amazing!

Medical Professionalism

As trained medical professionals, your safety and health is our number one priority.

As trained medical professionals, your safety and health is our number one priority. We provide ethical and honest cosmetic advice. Always.

Latest technologies

ANGGUN has curated the best, most effective treatments and products (World-Class products).


World-Class products. Dr. Maria has curated the best, most effective treatments and products from around the world, and made them available here in Malaysia.


* Monday – Friday 10 am – 7pm.

* Tuesday closed.

* Saturday & Sunday 10am – 4pm.

Excellence in Aesthetic Medicine.

Your Premier Aesthetic Clinic.

Dr. Maria has been specializing in minimally invasive aesthetics for a decade. She is LCP Certified for facial rejuvenation, hair rejuvenation, lasers, wound healing, anti aging as well as augmentation and fillers. She trained in Aesthetic Medicine at the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, and has completed the Medical Aesthetic Certification (MAC) program.

Anggun Aesthetic Clinic is Certified by the Malaysian Ministry of Health and holds an Annual Practicing Certificate in good standing.

our popular laser treatment.

Main treatment offering.

Dr. Maria has curated these essential and proven solutions for you. Many of her clients have used and can attest to the effectiveness of these products.

Laser treatment.

Anggun medi-klinik femous treament are laser treatment. We treat multiple skin problems from many kinds of pigmentation until birthmark. We have many testimonials and our doctor are well trained to do laser treatment. READ MORE


We have many range of facial suittable for your face needs. We have facial for acne treatments, to removed whitehead and for glowing skins. READ MORE

Skin care products.

Our Specialties

Face Treatments

  • Repair damaged skin.
  • Rejuvenate and Regain youthful looking skin.
  • Realize the look you want.


Body Contouring

If excess body fat and a less than ideal body shape is bringing you down, our body contouring solutions are designed to help you achieve your desired body goal and image.


Body Contouring

  • Remove unwanted hair.
  • Regain lost hair.
  • Retain your crowning glory and nourish your scalp.


Hear what our happy clients say

"I did keratosis treament here, where the price is reasonable for whole face. After 6 days, my face has fully recovered ie: no black spots, no more redness and somehow my skin condition is so mych better before the treatment. Many of my friends said my skin looks even better without makeup now. The staffs are helpful and friendly where any queries post-laser were answered speedily. Overall, I'm a very satisfied customer"

Shahrina Muneoka

"Sgt bagus.. Doc dan staff sgt baik layankan.. Sy bt lazer utk jeragat.. Alhamdulillah byk nampak perubahan.. Dulu sedih sbb mcm2 guna product skrang lazer kt anggun medispa jeragat dah hilang.. Arini last laser 3x lazer.. Beauty is pain gaiss.. Jomm bt kt medispa skrang pkp pakai mask x nampak pun muka kite kene lazer. Hihi"

Ida Yusdi

"Layanan doktor & staff semua terbaik ????... Alhamdulillah sepanjang treatment kerastosis & facial prp di Anggun Medispa menunjukkan hasil dan kesan yang positif pada wajah....moga terus berjaya anggun medispa ....recommended ????"

Norliana 87

"Very good and fast service..the treatment is really work for me and the price is affordable too!"

Diyana Yahya

Our Doctor Team

Dr Ahmad Zailani

Dr Siti Maria

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Buang tahi lalat

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Basic Facial

Basic Facial

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Jeragat hilang!

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